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2 What's new

3 How to install

The recommended configuration is:

To install it is necessary to be logged as administrator and to switch off the "user account control" of Windows.

Please execute the installation file and follow the instructions.

The program is installed as an application (not a service) with automatic startup for all the users.

For unmanned operation please activate the automatic login of one of the administrators: to do it you can run "control userpasswords2" and disable the box about entering the user name and password. Then modify the BIOS power up control to automatically switch on the PC at power supply connection.

For unmanned alarm sending by e-mail please add your mail program to the startup. In the mail program please set a working account and disable safety features that limit sending from other applications.

For remote management, please activate and configure Windows "Remote Desktop". As alternative you can install UltraVNC. You will need assistance from your network manager to configure the router.

4 How to uninstall

Please execute the uninstaller and follow the instruction. The link to the uninstaller is created during the installation.

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9 Help

10 Latest version

Please download the latest version of ReFreeX Monitor.

11 Report bugs

Mail our staff.