User manual - H411V3

Parameter list

Rem. Parameter Description Minimum Maximum Default Unit
S__Functions about storage
St_Functions about storage temperature
_t0storage room temperature-55.0145.012.0°C
_dbdead band0.050.00.0K
_tHsafety maximum room temperature-°C
_tLsafety minimum room temperature-°C
_tdsafety temperature differential0.050.00.2K
SMMstorage room humidity0.0100.090.0%
SA_Functions about air renew during storage
1SAHenable air renew during storage - reset timersoFF_onoFF/
dA6immediate delay before first air renew0194 4:20:150dd hh:mm:ss
dA7on-time duration in the air renew cycle0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
2dA8period of air renew cycle0194 4:20:1512:00:00dd hh:mm:ss
SAhenable forced air renew by keyboard short cutoFF_on_on/
dAFforced air renew duration0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
SAostart / stop forced air renewoFF_onoFF/
r__Functions about ripening
rH_Enable ripening functions and short cut
3rrHenable ripening functions - reset timersoFF_onoFF/
rrhenable toggling between ripening and storage by keyboard short cutoFF_on_on/
rt_Functions about ripening temperature and humidity
_d0immediate delay before starting ripening0194 4:20:150dd hh:mm:ss
_t1ripening temperature nr. 1-°C
_d1duration of temperature nr. 10194 4:20:154 0:00:00dd hh:mm:ss
_t2ripening temperature nr. 2-°C
_d2duration of temperature nr. 20194 4:20:151 0:00:00dd hh:mm:ss
_t3ripening temperature nr. 3-°C
_d3duration of temperature nr. 30194 4:20:150dd hh:mm:ss
_t4ripening temperature nr. 4-°C
_d4duration of temperature nr. 40194 4:20:150dd hh:mm:ss
4_t5ripening temperature nr. 5-°C
rMMripening humidity0.0100.090.0%
rMdripening humidity differential0.050.05.0%
rY_Functions about ethylene
5rYHenable ethylene injection - reset timersoFF_onoFF/
6YYbuse ethylene probe to control injectionsoFF_onoFF/
rYYripening ethylene concentration0.099.025.010*ppm
rYdripening ethylene concentration differential0.099.05.010*ppm
7dY0immediate delay before starting ripening0194 4:20:150dd hh:mm:ss
8_tYminimum temperature before injecting ethylene-°C
dY2first ethylene injection duration0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
_nYnumber of following ethylene cycles of injection02550/
9dY3delay between first ethylene injections end and following cycles0194 4:20:151 0:00:00dd hh:mm:ss
dY4on-time duration of following ethylene injection cycles0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
10dY5period of following ethylene injection cycles0194 4:20:1512:00:00dd hh:mm:ss
rYhenable forced ethylene injection by keyboard short cutoFF_on_on/
dYFforced ethylene injection duration0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
rYostart / stop forced ethylene injectionoFF_onoFF/
11rYAfirst ethylene injection performed but air renew not yetoFF_onoFF/
rA_Functions about air renew during ripening
rAHenable air renew cycles during ripening - reset timersoFF_onoFF/
_nAnumber of air renew cycles0998/
9dA3delay between first ethylene injection end and first air renew end0194 4:20:151 0:00:00dd hh:mm:ss
dA4on-time duration in the air renew cycle0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
10dA5period of air renew cycle0194 4:20:1512:00:00dd hh:mm:ss
rAhenable forced air renew by keyboard short cutoFF_on_on/
rAFforced air renew duration0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
rAostart / stop forced air renewoFF_onoFF/
n__Functions about fans
nU_Functions about depression fans
nUSnumber of depression fans during storage032/
nUrnumber of depression fans during ripening033/
nE_Functions about evaporator fans
nEHforce evaporator fans when refrigeration is offoFF_onoFF/
P__Functions about master preferences
Pd_Functions about network address
PdMmaster address for global network communication02541/
PdSnumber of slaves connected to this master122/
Pd2number of auxiliary masters connected to this master022/
Pg_Functions about saving preferences
Pggsave actual preferences as program 1 ... 991991/
Pj_Functions about loading preferences
Pjhenable preferences load by keyboard short-cutoFF_onoFF/
Pjjload preferences as program 0 ... 99 (0 is factory setting)0990/
PO_Output assignment
PO2assign out-2 relay to: 0=alarm / 1=humidifier011/
c__Functions about door and light
cO_Functions about door
12cOhenable door operation from keyboardoFF_on_on/
13cOFenable door flashing light in case of alarmoFF_on_on/
14cOddelay between pushing button and door opening or closure0194 4:20:152dd hh:mm:ss
cOHenable door automatic closureoFF_onoFF/
cCddelay of door automatic closure0194 4:20:1530dd hh:mm:ss
cOUenable depressure, refrigeration and other output when door is not closedoFF_onoFF/
cOYenable door opening after first ethylene injection and before first air renewoFF_on_on/
cI_Functions about light
15cIOswitch on the light during door operationoFF_on_on/
cIHswitch on the light when the door is open and off when closedoFF_on_on/
16cIoswitch off the light automatically if it has been switched on from outsideoFF_on_on/
cIddelay of light automatic switch off0194 4:20:1530dd hh:mm:ss
cc_Functions about curtain operation
17cchenable curtain operation from keyboardoFF_onoFF/
18ccckeyboard in curtain modeoFF_onoFF/
15ccOenable curtain operation when door is not openoFF_onoFF/
15ccIenable curtain operation when light is offoFF_onoFF/
v__Functions about electronic expansion valve
vP_Functions about electronic expansion valve preference
19vPHenable electronic expansion valveoFF_on_on/
vt_Functions about electronic expansion valve temperature
20vttwanted overheating (similar to Danfoss thermostatic overheating spring regulation)
vtUmaximum pressure allowed in the suction line (similar to Danfoss MOP) bar
vd_Functions about electronic expansion valve timing
21vd1on-off duty cycle duration0194 4:20:158dd hh:mm:ss
22vd2on duty cycle duration at refrigeration start (set to 0 for previous stop value)0194 4:20:155dd hh:mm:ss
23vddon duty cycle adaptation speed (low value for slow adaptation and small swinging)02558/
b__Functions about probe calibration
b1_Probe nr. 1
b1Ccalibration offset-
b1Ause probe to calculate product average temperatureoFF_onoFF/
b1Suse probe for safety temperatureoFF_on_on/
b1Luse probe for alarm temperatureoFF_on_on/
b2_Probe nr. 2
b2Ccalibration offset-
b2Ause probe to calculate product average temperatureoFF_on_on/
b2Suse probe for safety temperatureoFF_on_on/
b2Luse probe for alarm temperatureoFF_on_on/
b3_Probe nr. 3
b3Ccalibration offset-
b3Ause probe to calculate product average temperatureoFF_onoFF/
b3Suse probe for safety temperatureoFF_onoFF/
b3Luse probe for alarm temperatureoFF_onoFF/
b4_Probe nr. 4
b4Ccalibration offset-
b4Ause probe to calculate product average temperatureoFF_on_on/
b4Suse probe for safety temperatureoFF_on_on/
b4Luse probe for alarm temperatureoFF_on_on/
b5_Probe nr. 5
b5Ccalibration offset-
b5Ause probe to calculate room humidityoFF_on_on/
b6_Probe nr. 6
b6Ccalibration offset-*ppm
b6Ause probe to calculate room ethyleneoFF_onoFF/
b7_Probe nr. 7
b7Ccalibration offset-
b7Ause probe to calculate suction pressureoFF_on_on/
L__Functions about alarm and stand-by
Lt_Temperature alarm
24LtLlow temperature alarm set point-55.0145.0-2.0°C
25LtHhigh temperature alarm set point-55.0145.014.0°C
Ltdalarm delay0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
Lo_On / stand-by status
26Looactual status: stand-by or onoFF_onoFF/
d__Functions about delays
dF_Delay from previous stop
dF6delay from request to activation of OUT-6: heating0194 4:20:153:00dd hh:mm:ss
h__Functions about keyboard
hL_Keyboard lock
27hLHkeyboard lock / unlockoFF_onoFF/
hLPkeyboard lock / unlock password09922/
hLIextend lock to light operationoFF_onoFF/
hLcextend lock to curtain operationoFF_on_on/
hLOextend lock to door operationoFF_on_on/
I__Functions about input-output and machine state (read only)
IA_Analog inputs
IA1analog input 1 (temperature)-55.0145.0-55.0°C
IA2analog input 2 (temperature)-55.0145.0-55.0°C
IA3analog input 3 (suction temperature)-55.0145.0-55.0°C
IA4analog input 4 (temperature)-55.0145.0-55.0°C
IA5analog input 5 (humidity)0.0100.00.0%
IA6analog input 6 (ethylene)0.0999.00.010*ppm
IA7analog input 7 (low pressure)0.0999.00.0(gauge) bar
IA8analog input 8 (average temperature)-55.0145.0-55.0°C
Id_Digital input
Id1digital input 1 (ethylene hardware safety)oFF_onoFF/
Id2digital input 2 (evaporator hardware safety)oFF_onoFF/
Id3digital input 3 (heating hardware safety)oFF_onoFF/
Id4digital input 4 (unused)oFF_onoFF/
Id5digital input 5 (phase-1 software safety )oFF_onoFF/
OS_Machine status
LLAactual alarm - read only (0 means no alarm)02550/
OA_Analog output
OA1analog output fan (reserved for aux master inp status)02550/
OA2analog output I out (water valve - 4...20 mA - reserved for aux master output status)02550/
Od_Digital output
Od1digital output 1 (refrigeration solenoid)oFF_onoFF/
Od2digital output 2 (steam producer)oFF_onoFF/
Od3digital output 3 (air renew)oFF_onoFF/
Od4digital output 4 (ethylene)oFF_onoFF/
Od5digital output 5 (evaporator)oFF_onoFF/
Od6digital output 6 (heating)oFF_onoFF/
Od7alarm - eventually connected to relay nr. 2oFF_onoFF/
E__Functions about slave preferences
Ed_Functions about network address
EdSslave address for local network communication12541/
EY_Functions about display
EYYinput to show on display: 8=average temperature / 5=humidity ...188/

Parameter remarks

Nr. Remark
1During off-time counters continue to count and output is disabled. At reset command they stop and their value is reset. They are restarted by on command. The minus sign on display ("-") means that you already reset timers.
2The period of each cycle includes on-time + off-time, that is the overall duration of the cycle.
3The "oFF" command disables the ripening functions and enables the storage. The ripening timers continue however to run also if their output is disabled. To restart the ripening timers, please do the "rES" (reset) command. The "on_" command enables the ripening functions without restarting the timers. To begin a new ripening cycle, please do the "rES" command. The minus sign on display ("-") means that you have already reset the timers.
4At the end of the ripening cycle the temperature is set to t5 until the manual reset of the ripening cycle.
5The stop command resets forced operation counter.
6In case of probe control, ethylene timers and settings are not used. You can still activate forced injections. In case of disabled probe, rYY is used to control curtain string motor when curtain is idle.
7To synchronize ethylene injection and ripening start, set dY0 = _d0.
8First ethylene injection is delayed until room temperature reaches _tY. _tY has no effect over following ethylene injections.
9To synchronize the beginning of further ethylene injections and air renews, set dY3=dA3.
10To synchronize the cycles of further ethylene injections and air renews, set dY3=dA3.
11Set by the microcontroller - can be manually overwritten.
12Door operation disables every other keyboard operation.
13The first pressure of push button inside the room - near the door - switches on the light, the second one opens the door, the third one activates the "man in room" alarm.
14During the delay the flashing light is on.
15For your safety, do not modify this parameter. This setting is supposed to be used just in case of emergency or testing.
16No action if the light is switched on from inside the room.
17Curtain operation disables every other operation keyboard operation.
18For safety reason, door operation is disabled when curtain is enabled. Unrolling can be started also by a push button located near the depressure box, inside the room.
19When off, the refrigeration solenoid is steadily on during cooling, as long as overheating is higher then vtL or b3A is off.
20Caution! Low overheating causes liquid return and compressor damage.
21Caution! Short duty cycle reduces valve life.
22Caution! Low overheating causes liquid return and compressor damage.
23Caution! High adaptation speed causes swing in the suction line and damage to the compressor.
24The low temperature differential is fixed, and alarm status stops at 0.2 °C above the set point.
25The high temperature differential is fixed, and alarm status stops at 0.2 °C under the set point.
26Passing from stand-by to on and at power on, there is a 5 second delay spent in a virtual stand-by.
27When keyboard is locked it is possible to read parameters but is not possible to modify them. To exit the lock it is necessary to write the password.

Alarm list

Display Alarm
A01low temperatureLow temperature limit has been reached.
A02high temperatureHigh temperature limit has been reached.
A03ethylene alarmThe ethylene safety device has disconnected.
A04evaporator alarmEvaporator thermal relay, or other evaporator safety device has disconnected.
A05heating alarmThe heating safety device has disconnected.
A06door openTime limit for door opening has been reached.
A07phase alarmHeating overload/thermal relay disconnected, or missing mains phase - manual reset.
A08fan 1 alarmDepressure fan overload/thermal relay disconnected.
A09fan 2 alarmDepressure fan overload/thermal relay disconnected.
A10fan 3 alarmDepressure fan overload/thermal relay disconnected.
A11man in room alarmSomebody remained trapped inside the room.
A12RTC memory lossMemory loss of real time clock [RTC] - timer reset.
A13EEPROM invalidEEPROM invalid.
A14EEPROM read startEEPROM read start failure
A15EEPROM read endEEPROM read end failure
A16EEPROM write startEEPROM write start failure.
A17EEPROM write endEEPROM write end failure.
A18EEPROM write maxEEPROM failure - reached the maximum number of writing attempts.

Slave alarm list

Display Alarm
A96slave EEPROMFailed write operation onto the slave EEPROM.
A97out of rangeThe slave address EdS might be out of the master range, the latter going from 1 to PdS.
A98no linkThe slave does not receive any message from the master.
A99lost linkThe slave lost the communication with the master.

Button list

Push button Function
B1esc - stop - silenceExit without saving from any menu - door/curtain stop - alarm buzzer silence.
B2up - openUp navigation in the menu - door opening.
B3on / stand-byToggle between on and stand-by.
B4left - light - rollLeft navigation in the menu - switch the light on and off - roll the curtain.
B5down - closeDown navigation in the menu - door closure.
B6right-menu-set-unrollRight navigation in the menu - display and modify set point - enter the menu - unroll the curtain.
B7light - door - alarmRemote button near to the door inside the room: switch on the light, open the door, and trigger man-in-room alarm.
B8curtainRemote button near to the depressure box inside the room: switch on and off the curtain unrolling.

Led list

Led Function
L1coolingOn during cooling.
L2depressureOn when all depressure fans are running.
L3humidityOn when humidification is active.
L4air renewOn during air renew - blinking slowly during pause and delay.
L5heatingOn during heating - blinking slowly during activation delay.
L6ethyleneOn during ethylene injection - blinking slowly when waiting for three events: temperature threshold (_tY), following injections (_nY), first air renew (rYA).
L7lightOn when lighting is on - blinking slowly during deactivation delay.

Soft command list

Soft command Function

How to ...

How to ... Function
Switch between on and stand-by.Keep pressed B3 button, to activate and deactivate stand-by. In stand-by every output is disabled except light, leds from L1 to L6 blink, timers continue to count.
Program the menu.Keep pressed B6 to enter the menu. Navigate up and down with B2 and B5. Select the submenu by B6. Change the parameter by B2 and B5, press B6 to confirm, or B4 to go back without saving. The changes will have effect after the exit from programming pressing B4 repeatedly. Press B1 to exit immediately without saving any parameter.
Show or change temperature set.Press shortly B6 - the display shows the current set point - change it by B2 and B5, and confirm it by B6. As alternative, enter the menu program as explained above, modify the parameter _t0, then confirm it.
Reset timers.For the resettable controls in the menu program, confirming "rES", then confirming "on_" or "oFF", has the joint effect of resetting timers and going into the enabled or disabled status.
Enter ripening mode.Keep pressed B6+B3. As alternative, enter the menu program as explained above, set the parameter rrH, reset it in case it is a new ripening, then confirm it.
Enter storage mode.Keep pressed B6+B1. As alternative, enter the menu program as explained above, set to oFF the parameter rrH, then confirm it.
Door operation.Push B2 to open, B5 to close, and B1 to stop. If you are inside the room and the door is closed, press B7 once to switch on the light, press again to open the door, and again to trigger the man in room alarm. During door operation display shows "OPE" or "CLO". By default, when the door is open, the light is on and every other output is off. By default, door operation is disabled after the first ethylene injection and before subsequent air renew.
Curtain operation.For safety reason, the curtain can be operated only when the door is fully open and the light is on. To activate the keyboard for the curtain, keep pressed B6+B4, then press shortly B6 or B8 to unroll, B4 to roll, B1 to stop, and again B1 to exit curtain mode. During curtain operation, every output is disabled. The display shows "Cur" with the curtain idle, "Unr" during unrolling, and "rOL" during rolling.

Shortcut list

Buttons to press Shortcut description - keep pressed 5 seconds
B6+B3 Enter ripening mode.
B6+B1 Enter storage mode.
B6+B4 Activate the keyboard for curtain operation.
B6+B2 Force an immediate air renew.
B6+B5 Force an immediate ethylene injection.

Led and push button location

Led and push button legend.

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