User manual - H422V4

Parameter list

Rem. Parameter Description Minimum Maximum Default Unit
S__Functions about storage
St_Functions about storage temperature
_t0storage room temperature-55.0145.02.0°C
_tbdead band0.050.00.0K
_tHmaximum set point of temperature from slave keyboard-55.0145.045.0°C
_tLminimum set point of temperature from slave keyboard-55.0145.0-55.0°C
_i0storage room humidity0.0100.085.0%
_ibdead band0.050.00.0%
_iHmaximum set point of humidity from slave keyboard0.0100.0100.0%
_iLminimum set point of humidity from slave keyboard0.0100.00.0%
SA_Functions about air renew during storage
SAHenable air renew during storageoFF_onoFF/
SA0immediate delay before first air renew0194 4:20:150dd hh:mm:ss
SAdon-time duration in the air renew cycle0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
SAPperiod of air renew cycle0194 4:20:1512:00:00dd hh:mm:ss
SAHenable air renew during storageoFF_onoFF/
SAFforced air renew duration0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
SAostart / stop forced air renewoFF_onoFF/
Fd_Functions about defrost duration and timing
1Fd0immediate delay before next defrost0194 4:20:150dd hh:mm:ss
Fddon-time duration of the defrost0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
Fdgdripping time after defrost0194 4:20:152:00dd hh:mm:ss
FdEevaporator fan activation delay after the defrost0194 4:20:1515:00dd hh:mm:ss
2FdPoverall period of the defrost0194 4:20:154:00:00dd hh:mm:ss
FF_Functions about forced defrost
FFhenable forced defrost by keyboard short cutoFF_on_on/
FFdforced defrost duration0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
3FFostart immediate forced defrostoFF_onoFF/
FP_Functions about defrost preference
4FPtdefrost type: 0=none / 1=pause / 2=air / 3=electric / 4=hot gas / 5=heat pump / 6=heat pump by hp02552/
Ft_Functions about defrost temperature
5Fttdefrost stop temperature-55.0146.06.0°C
M__Functions about compressor
MU_Functions about pressure switches
6MLHlow pressure safety restart ( similar to Danfoss KP15 lp set point ) bar
MLLlow pressure safety stop ( similar to Danfoss KP15 lp set point - differential ) bar
MHHhigh pressure safety stop ( similar to Danfoss KP15 hp set point ) bar
MHLhigh pressure safety restart ( similar to Danfoss KP15 hp set point - differential ) bar
7MUOminimum oil differential pressure0.030.02.0(gauge) bar
8MUUenable pump downoFF_onoFF/
HP_Heating preference
HPPheating method: 0=none / 1=electric / 2=hot gas / 3=heat pump / 4=intern heat pump / 5=ihp202550/
HPFheating source: 0=dedicated heating / 1=defrost / 2=light020/
UP_Dehumidification preference
UPPalternate refrigeration and heatingoFF_onoFF/
9UP1during concurrent run force active heatingoFF_onoFF/
n__Functions about fans
nc_Functions about condenser fans
ncHenable condenser fans when compressor is off and discharge pressure is over maximumoFF_on_on/
10ncrenable condenser fans speed regulationoFF_on_on/
11ncUfan minimum speed025540/
ncdminimum HP-LP-difference to keep on fans0.099.02.0(gauge) bar
n1Hfan 1 start pressure ( similar to Danfoss KP5 set point ) - active just when ncr is oFF0.099.010.0(gauge) bar
12n1Lfan 1 stop pressure ( similar to Danfoss KP5 set point - differential ) bar
nE_Functions about evaporator fans
nEHforce evaporator fans when refrigeration is offoFF_onoFF/
c__Functions about door and light
cP_Door switch and evaporator fan
cPHstop evaporator fans when door is openoFF_on_on/
cPFpause defrost timer when air defrost is suspended by evaporator fan stopoFF_on_on/
cPddelay of fan automatic switch on0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
cI_Functions about light
cIHswitch on the light when the door is open and off when closedoFF_on_on/
13cIoswitch off the light automatically if it has been switched on from outsideoFF_on_on/
cIddelay of light automatic switch off0194 4:20:1530dd hh:mm:ss
v__Functions about electronic expansion valve
vP_Functions about electronic expansion valve preference
14vPHenable electronic expansion valveoFF_on_on/
vt_Functions about electronic expansion valve temperature
15vttwanted overheating (similar to Danfoss thermostatic overheating spring regulation)
vtUmaximum pressure allowed in the suction line (similar to Danfoss MOP) bar
vd_Functions about electronic expansion valve timing
16vd1on-off duty cycle duration0194 4:20:158dd hh:mm:ss
17vd2on duty cycle duration at refrigeration start (set to 0 for previous stop value)0194 4:20:155dd hh:mm:ss
18vddon duty cycle adaptation speed (low value for slow adaptation and small swinging)02558/
b__Functions about probe calibration
b1_Probe nr. 1
b1Croom temperature-
b1Aenable probeoFF_on_on/
b2_Probe nr. 2
b2Cdefrost temperature-
b2Aenable probeoFF_on_on/
b3_Probe nr. 3
b3Csuction temperature-
b3Aenable probeoFF_on_on/
b4_Probe nr. 4
19b4Cengine room temperature-
b4Aenable probeoFF_on_on/
b5_Probe nr. 5
b5Aenable probeoFF_onoFF/
b6_Probe nr. 6
b6Chigh pressure (HP)-
b6Aenable probeoFF_on_on/
b7_Probe nr. 7
b7Clow pressure (LP)-
b7Aenable probeoFF_on_on/
b8_Probe nr. 8
b8Cdischarge temperature-
b8Aenable probeoFF_on_on/
b9_Probe nr. 9
b9Coil pressure - eventually connected to AN-5-
b9Aenable probeoFF_onoFF/
L__Functions about alarm and stand-by
Lt_Temperature alarm
20LtLlow temperature alarm set point-55.0145.0-2.0°C
21LtHhigh temperature alarm set point-55.0145.014.0°C
Ltdalarm delay0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
LF_Full stop temperature alarm
LFLlow temperature alarm set point-55.0145.0-5.0°C
LFHhigh temperature alarm set point-55.0145.020.0°C
LFdalarm delay0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
Li_Humidity alarm
LiLlow humidity alarm set point0.0100.00.0%
LiHhigh humidity alarm set point0.0100.0100.0%
Lidalarm delay0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
Lj_Full stop humidity alarm
LjLlow humidity alarm set point0.0100.00.0%
LjHhigh humidity alarm set point0.0100.0100.0%
Ljdalarm delay0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
LO_Door alarm
LOHenable door alarmoFF_on_on/
LOddoor alarm delay0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
LOttemperature alarm minimum delay after door opening0194 4:20:1515:00dd hh:mm:ss
LI_Other alarm inputs
L1Henable digital input 1 alarm (compressor safety devices)oFF_on_on/
L1ddigital input 1 alarm delay0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
L2Henable digital input 2 alarm (evaporator safety)oFF_on_on/
L2ddigital input 2 alarm delay0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
L3Henable digital input 3 alarm (heating safety thermostat)oFF_on_on/
L3ddigital input 3 alarm delay0194 4:20:1530:00dd hh:mm:ss
L5Henable digital input 5 alarm (compressor phase monitor / thermal overload relay)oFF_on_on/
L5ddigital input 5 alarm delay0194 4:20:151dd hh:mm:ss
Lo_On / stand-by status
22Looactual status: stand-by or onoFF_onoFF/
d__Functions about delays
dF_Delay from previous stop
dF4delay from stop to activation of relay nr. 4 - compressor0194 4:20:155:00dd hh:mm:ss
P__Functions about master preferences
Pd_Functions about network address
PdMmaster address for global network communication02541/
PdSnumber of slaves connected to this master122/
PO_Output assignment
PO2assign out-2 relay to: 0=alarm / 1=heating / 2=steam / 3=air renew / 4=defrost duty / 5=steam on FAN / 6=outer dehum / 7=OUT1 / 8=OUT3 / 9=OUT4 / 10=OUT5 / 11=OUT6 / 12=FAN / 13=alarm NO / 14=fan off dehum / 15=drain pump / 16=ss FAN / 17=16+2rm / 18=17+drp / 19=18+sdrp OUT6 / 20=5+14 / 21=alt heat ev / 22=19+ss OUT3 / 23=depr OUT2 / 24=Loo / 25=off / 26=ss OUT3 / 27=mc part / 28=eco OUT3 / 29=28+ip / 30=27+28 / 31=27+29 / 32=29+es AN2 / 33=27+32 / 34=ev FAN / 35=34+2 / 36=ss / 37=34+2mcs / 38=37+steam OUT302550/
I__Functions about input-output and machine state (read only)
IA_Analog inputs
IA1room temperature-55.0145.0-55.0°C
IA2defrost temperature-55.0145.0-55.0°C
IA3suction temperature-55.0145.0-55.0°C
IA4engine room temperature-55.0145.0-55.0°C
IA6high pressure (HP) bar
IA7low pressure (LP) bar
IA8discharge temperature-55.0145.0-55.0°C
IA9oil pressure - eventually connected to AN- bar
Id_Digital input
Id1compressor hardware safetyoFF_onoFF/
Id2evaporator hardware safetyoFF_onoFF/
Id3defrost hardware safetyoFF_onoFF/
Id4door closedoFF_onoFF/
Id5phase software safetyoFF_onoFF/
OS_Machine status
OSnevaporator fan stopped by door opening or manual controloFF_onoFF/
OA_Analog output
LLAactual alarm - read only (0 means no alarm)02550/
OA2humidity - 4...20 mA02550/
Od_Digital output
Od7alarm - eventually connected to OUT-2oFF_onoFF/
Od8steam producer - eventually connected OUT-2oFF_onoFF/
Od9air renew - eventually connected to OUT-2oFF_onoFF/
E__Functions about slave preferences
Ed_Functions about network address
EdSslave address for local network communication12541/
EY_Functions about display
EYYinput to show on display: 1=IA1 / 2=IA2 ...02551/

Parameter remarks

Nr. Remark
1Defrost is not performed twice in case safety switches of mc or evaporator are not ok.
2The period of each cycle includes on-time + off-time, that is the overall duration of the cycle.
3Following defrost cycles will be aligned to the end of forced one.
4Add 100 to FPt parameter to enable the outer defrost drive on INP-4. The defrost is initiated by INP-4 closure; after defrost and until INP-4 is closed, the instrument does not leave the dripping mode, to coordinate with eventual other instruments.
5In case of hot gas defrost, both IA2 and IA3 must reach Ftt.
6When MLH<MLL,there is a delay of 10*(MLL-MLH) seconds on lp switch. Eventual pumpdown restart is over MLH+1 bar.
7Fixed time 120 s and manual reset.
8When activated, pump down mode forces compressor continuous run, switched off only by low pressure limit.
9Forced refrigeration is disabled when room temperature is under LFL, forced heating is disabled over LFH.
10When speed regulation is off the fan is operated on-off.
11Caution! Speed regulation can cause fan fault or electronic board fault. Low and average minimum speed can increase the risk.
12During the first 10 seconds of speed regulation, the n1L is replaced by (n1H+n1L)/2.
13No action if the light is switched on from inside the room.
14When off, the refrigeration solenoid is steadily on during cooling, as long as overheating is higher then vtL or b3A is off.
15Caution! Low overheating causes liquid return and compressor damage.
16Caution! Short duty cycle reduces valve life.
17Caution! Low overheating causes liquid return and compressor damage.
18Caution! High adaptation speed causes swing in the suction line and damage to the compressor.
19In H422V9, starting from revision 14, when b1A is on, b4A is off, and b4C is non-zero, use AN-4 reading with set at 0.0 °C + b4C to concur for low temperature alarm and to stop cooling.
20The low temperature differential is fixed, and alarm status stops at 0.2 °C above the set point.
21The high temperature differential is fixed, and alarm status stops at 0.2 °C under the set point.
22Passing from stand-by to on and at power on, there is a 5 second delay spent in a virtual stand-by.
23The minus sign on display ("-") signals that output is going to start after a delay.

Alarm list

Display Alarm
A01low temperatureLow temperature limit has been reached.
A02high temperatureHigh temperature limit has been reached.
A03mc alarmPressure switch, thermistors, or any other compressor safety device has disconnected.
A04evaporator alarmEvaporator thermal relay, or other evaporator safety device has disconnected.
A05defrost alarmdefrost safety thermostat, or any other defrost safety device has disconnected.
A06door openTime limit for door opening has been reached.
A07mc phaseCompressor overload/thermal relay disconnected, or missing mains phase - manual reset.
A08low temp stopLow temperature limit for full stop has been reached - full system stop - manual reset.
A09high temp stopHigh temperature limit for full stop has been reached - full system stop - manual reset.
A10oil pressureOil differential pressure remained under minimum value for 120 seconds - manual reset.
A11low humidityLow humidity limit has been reached
A12high humidityHigh humidity limit has been reached.
A13low humid stopLow humidity limit for full stop has been reached - full system stop - manual reset.
A14high humid stopHigh humidity limit for full stop has been reached - full system stop - manual reset.

Slave alarm list

Display Alarm
A96slave EEPROMFailed write operation onto the slave EEPROM.
A97out of rangeThe slave address EdS might be out of the master range, the latter going from 1 to PdS.
A98no linkThe slave does not receive any message from the master.
A99lost linkThe slave lost the communication with the master.

Button list

Push button Function
B1esc - silence - skipExit without saving from any menu - alarm buzzer silence - skip compressor delay.
B2upUp navigation in the menu.
B3on/stand-by - pauseToggle between on and stand-by - toggle evaporator fan stop.
B4left - lightLeft navigation in the menu - switch the light on and off.
B5down - defrostDown navigation in the menu - force immediate defrost.
B6right - menu - setRight navigation in the menu - display and modify the set point - enter menu.

Led list

Led Function
L1compressorOn during compressor run - blinking slowly during activation delay and pumpdown.
L2evaporatorOn during evaporator run - blinking slowly during activation delay and pumpdown.
L3defrost-hum-dehOn during defrost and humidification - blinking slowly during dripping and dehumidification.
L4air renewOn during air renew.
L5heatingOn during heating.
L6unusedUnused in this application.
L7lightOn when lighting is on - blinking slowly during deactivation delay.

Soft command list

Soft command Function

How to ...

How to ... Function
Switch between on and stand-by.Keep pressed B3 button, to activate and deactivate stand-by. In stand-by every output is disabled except light, leds from L1 to L6 blink, timers continue to count.
Stop or restart evaporator fans.Press shortly the B3 button. When the evaporator fans are stopped, the display blinks.
Program the menu.Keep pressed B6 to enter the menu. Navigate up and down with B2 and B5. Select the submenu by B6. Change the parameter by B2 and B5, press B6 to confirm, or B4 to go back without saving. The changes will have effect after the exit from programming pressing B4 repeatedly. Press B1 to exit immediately without saving any parameter.
Show or change temperature set.Press shortly B6 - the display shows the current set point - change it by B2 and B5, and confirm it by B6. As alternative, enter the menu program as explained above, modify the parameter _t0, then confirm it.
Force an air renew.Keep pressed B2.
Force a defrost.Keep pressed B5.

Shortcut list

Buttons to press Shortcut description - keep pressed 5 seconds
B5 Force an immediate defrost.
B2 Force an immediate air renew.

Led and push button location

Led and push button legend.

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