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  • 80% refrigerant reduction;
  • fully digital control;
  • reduced winter consumption.


The valve can be used to compensate pressure differences between inner and outer side of cold rooms at temperature of 0 °C and above.

Compensation is needed because during normal operation the room internal pressure changes with the temperature. For each degree of cooling, the pressure inside the room drops about 370 Pa, i.e. about 37 kg/m2, while for each degree of warming there is an equal pressure rise. If not compensated, pressure differences can cause panel damages or structure collapse.

While pressure rise can be reduced with a careful time delay of the evaporator fans after defrosting, pressure drop can not be avoided and is usually nastier because of extra weight generated over the room ceiling.

CVP200 valve can be used as inlet valve, to reduce pressure drop, and as outlet, to reduce rise. Please see application example on this page.

Advantages of CVP200

  • No air passage and no drip when the valve is closed
  • No metal components, just plastic materials
  • No-wearing gravity closure
  • Cleanable design

Technical data

  • Operating range: from 0 to +60 °C
  • Opening pressure: 40 Pa (about 4 kg/m2)
  • Valve weight: 1.4 kg

Please see the panel price list for the cost.

CVP200 related drawings